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    Craioveanu Gheorghe Telefon: +40-021.430.15.04; +40-723.309.436 e-mail: craioveanug12@gmail.com craioveanug6@gmail.com craioveanug@yahoo.com Facebook … [Continue Reading]

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    All newspapers and TV studios are countless articles and TV shows, which refers to the hooligans from stadiums in both Europe and other continents. Do not know why since 2003 until three months ago I … [Continue Reading]

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    Beksstell highway redesign and add-on prices of 50%. a) Highway Bucharest-Vitan Barzesti- Romana-Dn1-Prahova Valley, Brasov-Timisoara. Incorporates the most modern and garages, big and cheap. b) … [Continue Reading]

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    Some possibilities for players to be trained by me. 1) The players will perform at a high and constant level for 90 minutes (no form drops) 2) They will not easily miss, both free kicks and … [Continue Reading]


Simple and smart football training methods

This is the place where you can contact me to discuss about these smart football training methods