Annex -1 – Copy of the original edition in 1995, improved in 2003 and revised in 2007, 2010

All newspapers and TV studios are countless articles and TV shows, which refers to the hooligans from stadiums in both Europe and other continents. Do not know why since 2003 until three months ago I sent similar materials subject to, FRF, FIFA, UEFA and Italy (where one policeman died)

In addition we sent to country clubs in Bucharest and by fax to football clubs, Steaua, Dinamo, Rapid, Timisoara etc. and no one was interested in the application, the machine that has the name „Craioveanu equipment”.

Reason! lack of communication is at home. Instead after I faxed to „Steaua” club in about a month, „Steaua Club” was inspired by this material similar to spin one of my machine, but did not know exactly how it looks Craioveanu equipment. (Total failure).

I say this because if you’ve noticed that after he started the match in the 56th minute at the stadium gate in May were about 3000-4000 supporters and they can not catch the turbulent supporters.

Of! blunders and greed are paid! not?

If the club „Steaua” would be applied to original-equipment Craioveanu no longer had any problems and it would have cost much less.

If the club „Steaua”should be patented equipment with me, except that would be obtained free equipment for stadium „Steaua”would have won a considerable amount of patent application.

Worse is the match between Rapid and Steaua were embarrassed (nationally and Internationally-televised match) introducing supporters / RAPID / in a place like the prison, embarrassing gentlemen.

In other news leaders are unpleasantly surprised by the request of football, to ask the „Parliament” drastic measures inpotriva turbulence.

I think a leader elevated whatever professional league in Europe, would be part, not made this request because in this way will be empty stadiums.

Intelligence of a leader would be elevated to bring everyone stadium supporters, whether or not recalcitrant!

For those recalcitrant „Craioveanu Methods” predicted, special methods of education, their energy facilities, safe screening, without fail, those few hooligans.

In addition, Craioveanu methods, provide measures of the energies of stadium facilities and handling methods of energy from the street.

There will be not needed police intervention. What some have called in Parliament, European countries will not be seen as a positive sign. After all this is that Romania’s image and so is how well you know.!

Extend a helping hand football teams in Romania, Europe and worldwide.

Please note, that i can permanently remove all the supporters who make big trouble, by suspending the field, and fines that are not negligible, the damage they do and the many victims resulting from the brawl, what to say monetary costs that are required to pay clubs for repair facilities, seats, etc., in football, handball, basketball, volleyball, boxing, etc..

I must admit that football clubs or other sports, have no guilt. Therefore I can do that in Romania or the „Federation of European and then the world can no longer be punished no football team in division A, B, C, or other teams in different sports, from any club for some thugs who are not major fans of any team. Since you can not conceive that someone in the leadership of a club wants somthing bad for himself or his business.

First real fans will benefit because they see a performance of football and other sports that they want, without being molested, swear etc.

These situations hooligan, I showed them to me „Craioveanu concept” paragraph-Craioveanu methods – (consisting of six groups of methods) and the point „D” – that „the latest methods for training players club” (sent FRF in 2003, F: I: F: A: and U: E: F: A) is composed of 35 training methods. In paragraph 32 of this method is specified;

The newest rapid screening process, supporters turbulent place, with precise identification of the person safely and punish an innocent only because it found that place at that time.

Otherwise errors will not be noisy because the fan when you will rise from a chair, police will know who is that person even if it obscured the hooded scarf, mouth, etc. to say exactly who owns and blunt objects, firecrackers, which of it just destroys chairs, grilajuri, and other facilities, or aura aggresses who exactly is part of the gallery, which club and then sympathize with the intentions and even who has been to exhort, with all the references to home, even if turbulent is from another country, etc..

Note: does not matter if the hooligan has ID, pasport, subscriptions, identity card, etc.. This item was sent after 32 incidents in Italy (he died a cop), along with „Craioveanu methods” and again recently at FIFA and UEFA

The most recent example, disturbances in Argentina, which resulted in numerous incidents and victims, spanning the street.

I can resolve incidents inside the stadium and on the street by Craioveanu-edge methods, which are original in the world. If desired, we can apply under „D” in the above mentioned methods and possible problems in all stadiums and sports halls in Romania and Europe and subsequently the world – will become history. I hope F.I.F.A. and U.E.F.A. to act to implement these original concept machine, personal and top.

Stadiums in Romania, Europe and the world would be spared such events reprehensible.

I wait for certification with states that: Romania, Switzerland, Gemania, Austria or other countries, or individuals or clubs who want to apply-methods patents Craioveanu, this equipment would benefit the country or major industrialist.

In Romania and Europe expect „the Interior Ministry, said of any country, section dealing with security and order in the stadiums to contact me to eradicate-hooligans from stadia

In case when a state in Europe or the world want the application „Methods Craiova with original equipment (Patent proposal) I can take special understanding, or even more.

Sincerely, George Craioveanu;