Some possibilities for players to be trained by me.

1) The players will perform at a high and constant level for 90 minutes (no form drops)
2) They will not easily miss, both free kicks and sutures derived from combinations near the gate. (Yield untouchable to any club in Europe).
3) Workouts aiming polishing and perfecting their native conditioned reflexes.
4) They will achieve fast and efficient combinations (multiple styles features top)
5) Check and straighten visual spectrum of the player for the performance / 180 g
6) Ball Workouts for determining distances in memory of random passes.
7) special training to train reflexes precision ball striking head. (Machinery)
8) The accuracy of sutures to the gate with Craioveanu machines (World premiere)
9) Preparation of forwards, midfielders and even defenders to perform free kicks in the parable style angle method conducted after 27 and 37 (Craioveanu style,) resulting in a precisely similar Folly – SECC but more complex, because strike can be conducted depending on where he wants the ball to reach the gate with great precision. Previously these special shots are explained theoretically players, (the first player to achieve mental, how and how to hit the ball). 10) The location and placement of defenders to reject and deflect blows from the opponents head (with maximum efficiency and the learning path and effects, which can take the ball on all routes and angles of head blows). Printed effects ball head – all directions. (With theoretical and practical presentation in front of players at every level player)
11) And assists with special Driblinguri heel (top effect) because the attacker can not be stopped by goalkeeper adverse how rough foul by drawing a red card automatically. (Top equipment and method, Craioveanu)
12) Special training (novelty), which refers to players mixing with high precision.
13) Special methods relate to reducing accidents, with rapid recovery, (super methods)
14) Different goalie position that in some cases are required, (brand new position with great effect). By special goalkeepers will learn to pinpoint the trajectory ball that comes to the gate with an accuracy of 90% (top 5 method).
15) Sutures with special effects by the parable style allure Craioveanu (draif and reverse greenhouse effect), (in Romanian, with the flat or take a risk, with an allure of 20-60 degrees, made of players join (draif effect in Bekamp English style and Brazilian Ronaldo can perform both styles, great finesse and show!).
16) Subtle deviations from the front gate sutures former English football style and recently-Boby-Charton Mutu – Romania in the match – Czech Republic (the remarkable elegance) driblinguri Learning of similar style, Ronaldhnio
17) Special measures for raising the form players before the game. (Measures of logical and practical), rehabilitation measures players weighting, with feelings, stress, panic, blazare, physical tiredness, fatigue and nerve (misused).
18) Special Effects driblinguri that striker and can not be stopped except by foul, rude, especially in situations opponent (100% effect on performance entirely new, we are used in a football game so far) .
19) Craioveanu athletes trained after-methods – will never have cramps in the field. Special Procedures.
20) Methods hipnotizare apparent, with distraction opponent – guiding the ball opposite –

21) Modern methods for arranging the wall when free kick, goalkeeper will know precisely where the ball trajectory.
22) Tactical schemes for utilization of Passing on the head and empty situations.
23) A combination of schemes to score goals with unconventional elements. Knee, heel, etc. 24) Methods of practice and theoretical explanations to the board, where this is mandatory, regardless of the player. (Analysis of all mistakes / match.)

25) Methods to resolve the harmful aspects of privacy of players. (Drink nights … etc. .. scandal when players value .- -) (discrete methods without vanity player injury).
26) Original method, rapid weight loss weighting players, (no side effects, but powerful)
27) Modern methods for vitality, 24 hours before the game for players.

28) Long tiring Unsubscribe cantonments complex reasons which I will explain later.
29) One of the most modern methods is psychological counseling to players after Craioveanu special method. (Most modern method without adverse effects).
30) This method refers to removing the player from stress or panic, etc., especially when the player seriously wrong, in the first inning, as the break between innings, (in those 15 minutes), the player can be completely restored by own goal or passing bad example to the opponent, hitting a player in the penalty area, resulting in, sanction by the referee with the penalty shot, or shot at from 11 meters, etc.. (This method will be a world premiere)
31) Abandonment of pecuniary penalties to players who have the opposite effect, with major psychological implications.
32) Which is accurate The newest methods refer to the aggresive supporters, see Annex-1-!). 33) The most modern Craioveanu methods resolve the Situation When supporters Without playing a match.
34) Repair Damaged the front lawn from the front of the goal two days (normally) the day (Urgent).
35) The possibility of playing a soccer match in Any Weather Conditions, Including dense mist (with special equipment).
IV) Methods for discovering young talent – very quickly with the Craioveanu technology.
V) Original equipment (unique, highly technical) having a share of the utmost importance for the economy and raising the technical level for all levels of players, including top players.
Part two on request.

Some reflection on football teams in Romania and Europe. First I will refer to selectionerii teams / national and European /

Information of selector methods are deficient because selectionerii have no participation in each game of the Division ‘A’ and too few matches, domestic and international due time, new methods and do not know (and modern equipment top), the Europe and worldwide, to select the real and most effective players in the shape file for matches / nationality / country concerned. (Low-level information).

Coach and coaches do not pay attention to modern methods of psychology, mental tests and logic the player for selection.
Just do not pay attention to the latest technical methods for top football coaches and teaching methods for implementation in order to know how prepared a real football player in the already studied methods. (Eg to improve reflexes conditinate native specialized reflexes that are usually taught by coaches Methodist).

Important, coach and coaches dont’t know the psychology of the players so they can’t manage the players free time. (See, “Craioveanu methods”), discrete methods, the player did not give sema and not hurt their pride.
A paramount factor is that (coach), methodist can shape young soccer players after top-established methods, to teach players to have advanced, for example, in sprinting (running) at first 12 “on 100 / m at 11 “to 100 / m and reach 10.5? to 100 / m and if a great player from 10.2 “to 100 / m, combined with breaking the rhythm.
Deficente found me some football teams are the players’ lack of knowledge regarding the effect of performance and technical level / break beat / they do not know precisely how to hit the ball with theyr head, do not know how to put a stop to reach the ball. He does not give precise passing and lack of logic when i know that fall can not pass accurately over long distances, to pass the next closest teammate (no appliances top) shoots at the gate or at random times or shooting goalie is predictable and more and make gestures that, let’s not anything, so what happens! so lost important phase of his colleagues worked.
There are often events that have nothing in common with football, but that harm the player. These events are not even on the ground contributes to the mentality Nagata simple man who at one time and without discernment that is, gewgaws, tinichele, chains, hairstyles eccentric nicknames borrowed from abroad as king fiorosul the Magnificent, Prince, what say the woman lost nights and drink directly affects the player’s physical and mental condition.
(In three years of drinking, football ocsideaza 25% of brain cells. This creates panic, instantane reluctance to make decisions, delayed conditioned reflexes, combined with a permanent mental fatigue. One such player is missing).
Eg, Niculescu, Usenet and Prince of “Dinamo”, etc..
And when they are tired and do not match ditch presing able to do and get involved on the defensive, leaving all heavy on defenders and goalkeeper.
(“A lamentable aspect, the players lack of common sense, logic and indifference is the question: Auto player off the ball intentionally and repeatedly passing sent back to his gate before the gate is unjustified fauturi effects shots in the box simulation schemes using melodramatic , forgetting that his team made the effort to get the ball in that favorable position to capitalize on it and when it is driven ECIP on the scoreboard. “)
This time the players lost and can be used even in his spare time to correct mistakes in Land of the player.
You will probably say as a coach you do not call it that said, but what I can guard them? they do at night?
Answer, no coach, no need to keep them safe at night!
Are discrete measures as “Craioveanu Concept” (and principle Walddorff) that you did not read the proper timul material that you received from Mr. Gigi Netoiu.
Yet some of you remember! To wander with camera in the stands because you had the impression that you are the best.
Or is it! Have you won a European Cup or even to a European final you played?.
What to say of how to run the sutures at the gate!
Are some coaches who speak of sutures in the style sheet – dry, draif effect, reverse effect, younger players know how to explain, first graphically and then practice?
What to say about players who give to take pay hit, without even bother to so effortlessly.
Some coaches that even they work very hard, the technical quality factor is modest.

So these coaches to cover technical shortcomings say they have many injured players.
(In a team formed by me, I will not use excuses like “i have many injured players”).
Elimination of surface states and formation of the player being fayr play, not to be selfish and look brand goals, whether his colleague is more favorable situations to make empty, the gate is empty.

Again a very serious situation is, when the player has to map with players or referees.
These events should be punished very hard, because the harm that team by accumulating cartonaje yellow or red, depending on the offense and not poutine best players ditch or even challenged by opposing players and sometimes even the referee in order eliminate the rule of the best players, so the team can be defeated easily.
One of the serious issues in my view is, the employer and shareholders mixture subjective selctionarea the player or team training with some players forced the employer according to its own vision of the owner or obligations, or otherwise.
These are very serious issues which usually leads to failure and loss of prestige for the club and large amounts.
One aspect is harmful for Romania, that is importing foreign players to “hard” multiple. Gentlemen!
Romania has enough mentally and physically healthy youth!.
Not think that would be better to create local football?. (Which are genetically of the best in Europe).
Ex symbol Dynamo Club and coach of Romania’s most elevated is the Lord General Cornel Dinu.
As she said and that is the preferred local players, for the reasons outlined above and there are other very important reasons.
Of course we place on this site for explaining in detail all “Craioveanu methods” and especially for implementing methods that are well established trend, each player is rated program on the computer.
These methods that I worked 30 years worth of implementation on the ground and in schools where-PRO-licensee in any of the schools in Europe. Gentlemen!
Football international football in Romania do not expect to be on the same level.
FRF must be taken and the most competent national soccer coaches and methodologists to be at the European level, because even Russia have better football teams.
I must admit that or football in Romania made progress but not at top level football, Italian, English, Spanish.
Gentlemen coaches and specialists – the governing bodies of the FRF-Romania by application “Craioveanu methods” may have top teams that will successfully face any team in Europe and can win any European cup.

My personal conclusions from domestic and European football.

First I will refer to the current situation when teams from Europe and the national championship which comprised players from several countries, thus becoming multinational teams.
This creates problems because these players are offered by clubs in their country for various reasons, usually unorthodox and which usually have a lot of hard and in most cases those teams wanted to get rid of these players.

Meanwhile coach who receives foreign players need to remember like the player and the group of nations is part.

For example:
1. Players of the northern peoples, workers player with a great tenacity for a job well done and also honest.
2. Latin players, players sprint very quick with a very innovative, with high technical level, with a rich fantasy game schemes and find the owners breaking the rhythm, quarrelsome, good actors, etc. tupeisti.
3. Players Caucasian, very ambitious players with a good dose of evil, athletic, quick and resistant.
4. Color players, athletic players who feel less blows, stamina, heavy, tupeisti with referees, good at shooting at the gate (usually strong sutures) and sometimes altruistic and a good part of them with a rudimentary equipment and beginning / language / Lord to train this conglomeration of players must be serious knowledge Psychology, Pedagogy, rule-Waldorf know – and know to handle the discrete leisure players, know the equipment and top apply them in training. Technique for individual players mentioned above by a computer program for each individual.
I do not know how many coaches possess these qualities and are, but if they notice them by results.
My personal opinion is that Romania must be the exporter of players in Europe and the world and not the importer because we have all the necessary conditions to create top players and selling them abroad after age is 24, 25 years, they start to have other activities as ads etc..
In the near future the most valuable football teams will be those who will be led by a trainer and Methodist.

In other news Craioveanu Conceptually it contains:

1. Appliances, Domestic and International Arbitration at a top-
2. Equipment for modern stadiums, world premiere
3. Apparatus for detecting young talent quickly, one week.
4. Specialized equipment for top players and saving time on training. European premiere 5. Equipment for top players that increase accuracy and specialized sutures conditioned reflexes.

6. Industry chapter is intended Romanian economy, with the removal of economic crisis in three months. True for or what country or international trust.