Chapter 1
Beksstell highway redesign and add-on prices of 50%.
a) Highway Bucharest-Vitan Barzesti- Romana-Dn1-Prahova Valley, Brasov-Timisoara. Incorporates the most modern and garages, big and cheap.
b) Bucharest-Pitesti Highway – upgrading to a circulation of fluency and depletion, real utility with modern conditions and garages.
c) Sun Highway, Bucharest-Constanta be modified because ensure traffic flow because this weekend is going bar to bar and not accept something in 2010.
d) Repair of streets and roads in 24-48 hours, regardless of the season without stopping traffic in Bucharest and Romania, and companies in Europe.
e) Increasing the flow channel three times, without modifying the initial structure, in Bucharest, passages and towns of the country, thus permanently remove and floods, torrential rain.
f) Modern garages, without expropriation and purchase of land, one-million, seats, parking in Bucharest, with minimum expenditure of 50% and their positioning in the most crowded places. (Do not see any cars on sidewalks).
Assembling these garages will provide traffic fluency and other benefits which I will describe later.
Any other parking garages described can not compete with because they can build whatever the weather.

Chapter 2
1 – Plants, Factories, Services, Workshops: (Factories high productivity and job training indigenous forces)
2 – Reopening Brasov tractor factory, national targets for green tractors. (First national and European).
3 – Change car technology a plant in Romania to change cars with internal combustion engines with electric motors, integral project; Meaning that other that the electric motor, i”ll provide a modern distribution in any city, cor village, whithout distribution employess, project created by me in 2003.
In the Bundestag asked Chancellor Angela Merkkel car manufacturers that in 2010, German industry was producing 1 million electric cars.
This means that Europe’s car industry giant itself wants a clean environment, wants to escape, major expenses like, diesel, petrol and gas.
Romania has the opportunity to do so quickly. I would not hear on television public figures who say that Romania is a poor country!
It is a lie. Romania has led to an Economic Council, of high quality, with an elevated head and all of high quality.
4 – Factories, for waste dumps – in the disposal of construction materials, landslides.
5 – Factory, for: the recovery of waste wood for papermaking all categories. (Would no longer cut trees for paper)
Six-plant and machinery, for millions of tons of leaves and debris for pulp in order to obtain Butane gas (which can be used to heat City Hall, police headquarters, etc.).
7 – Factory for snow machines remain effective and not snowy, plows, mills, rescue, supply cars, fire engines.

8 – Modern equipment that will replace cars and fire trucks will not use excuses like, not enough, because of barriers, stuck water hydrants will reach breakdowns and fire in 3 / 5 min.

Chapter 3
a) Used to protect the environment: This refers to equipment, noise, pollution car exhaust, acid pollution, lead pollution, furnaces, eliminating fog, Romanian airports and other airports in Europe. (For now Minist.Mediului has taken to those mentioned above).
On certain streets in the capital mounted plastic tiles in order to speed limits.
Who will shake us right kidney for some people who will not / car wash and more often.
To end such a decision without asking and population.
b) Removal-tuned muffler, (120 dB.) Max exhaust with drums. 30 dB. For these deficiencies are guilty police specialists.
c) Elimination of the rescue sirens, firefighters, police official columns and perimeter alarms, car or other devices, and industrial banks, etc., with devices that do not produce any noise, modern equipment.
d) In terms of car pollution that can be done in three steps. The first year can reduce pollution in the capital, towns and rural Romania with 50% in the second year by 90% and 100% third year, which would lead to benefits from, European Union – by cca.12 billion.
e) Elimination of acid pollution, lead and furnaces with modern smoke stacks, etc., that now there is, though, can be manufactured easily.
f) Equipment for directing aircraft regardless of weather.
g) Equipment will replace Rabla program. These funds are reachable replace pollution of 300,000 cars instead of 50.000 – 60,000 machines.
Does it seem fair that the taxpayer paid all budget environment to facilitate the sale of new cars for domestic and foreign firms?

Chapter 4
1 – Presidential office equipment, Guvernamentele, judges, prosecutors, executives of banks, consular and official persons.
Examples: for judges, equipment simplify document tracking, document unable loss, theft or forgery of any document impossible, plus it can reduce personnel, from judges, prosecutors, clerks, etc., with the advantage that prosecutors, judges, court clerks and the archive may be forced to tens of kilograms of files.
Methods for Justice and retired from the Army and Air Force no longer be part of the pension fund of other pensioners in Romania.
How will you explain this goal directly from a TV station, the maximum audience.
In this way there will be no conflicts between different categories of staff and there are no pensions, as put Prime Minister / pension imperceptibly.

Chapter 5
Change -1 formula cars in the legislative framework of the World Federation of Formula-1- Result change: Entering single user increased cornering speeds by 12-15% higher without slippage.

Chapter 6

For MAPN, MAI and Smurd, not taking fire helicopter crash, etc.. In case of a service provided M.A.P.N.
I also choose to save the crew find solutions elicoprere and even the device.

Chapter 7
a) In this chapter we worked almost 30 years and have greatly contributed to raising the Romanian and international football as “Craioveanu methods” with a top level.
These methods include in addition to training methods and training equipment, equipment for stadiums highest technical level that can be patented in Romania benefit and the benefit of all who contribute to the implementation.
Implementation of “Craioveanu Concept” would make Romania more than two billion.

All these cases above and others can be solved by applying “Craioveanu Methods”, noting that any team “apply these methods” will get the full cost and will have the most modern stadium in the world with facilities which are not have no country in Europe and not even dream of any of the clubs currently, or European countries.

A final annihilation invention is volcanic ash, the volcano in Iceland, by three methods, different. Invention of the recent April 17, 2010. This invention may partially or totally annihilate volcanic ash, especially when it comes to Europe, causing serious damage / Civil Aviation and Military /.