Some possibilities for players to be trained by me.

1) The players will perform at a high and constant level for 90 minutes (no form drops)
2) They will not easily miss, both free kicks and sutures derived from combinations near the gate. (Yield untouchable to any club in Europe).
3) Workouts aiming polishing and perfecting their native conditioned reflexes.
4) They will achieve fast and efficient combinations (multiple styles features top)
5) Check and straighten visual spectrum of the player for the performance / 180 g
6) Ball Workouts for determining distances in memory of random passes.
7) special training to train reflexes precision ball striking head. (Machinery)
8) The accuracy of sutures to the gate with Craioveanu machines (World premiere)
9) Preparation of forwards, midfielders and even defenders to perform free kicks in the parable style angle method conducted after 27 and 37 (Craioveanu style,) resulting in a precisely similar Folly – SECC but more complex, because strike can be conducted depending on where he wants the ball to reach the gate with great precision. Previously these special shots are explained theoretically players, (the first player to achieve mental, how and how to hit the ball). 10) The location and placement of defenders to reject and deflect blows from the opponents head (with maximum efficiency and the learning path and effects, which can take the ball on all routes and angles of head blows). Printed effects ball head – all directions. (With theoretical and practical presentation in front of players at every level player)
11) And assists with special Driblinguri heel (top effect) because the attacker can not be stopped by goalkeeper adverse how rough foul by drawing a red card automatically. (Top equipment and method, Craioveanu)
12) Special training (novelty), which refers to players mixing with high precision.
13) Special methods relate to reducing accidents, with rapid recovery, (super methods)
14) Different goalie position that in some cases are required, (brand new position with great effect). By special goalkeepers will learn to pinpoint the trajectory ball that comes to the gate with an accuracy of 90% (top 5 method).
15) Sutures with special effects by the parable style allure Craioveanu (draif and reverse greenhouse effect), (in Romanian, with the flat or take a risk, with an allure of 20-60 degrees, made of players join (draif effect in Bekamp English style and Brazilian Ronaldo can perform both styles, great finesse and show!).
16) Subtle deviations from the front gate sutures former English football style and recently-Boby-Charton Mutu – Romania in the match – Czech Republic (the remarkable elegance) driblinguri Learning of similar style, Ronaldhnio
17) Special measures for raising the form players before the game. (Measures of logical and practical), rehabilitation measures players weighting, with feelings, stress, panic, blazare, physical tiredness, fatigue and nerve (misused).
18) Special Effects driblinguri that striker and can not be stopped except by foul, rude, especially in situations opponent (100% effect on performance entirely new, we are used in a football game so far) .
19) Craioveanu athletes trained after-methods – will never have cramps in the field. Special Procedures.
20) Methods hipnotizare apparent, with distraction opponent – guiding the ball opposite –

21) Modern methods for arranging the wall when free kick, goalkeeper will know precisely where the ball trajectory.
22) Tactical schemes for utilization of Passing on the head and empty situations.
23) A combination of schemes to score goals with unconventional elements. Knee, heel, etc. 24) Methods of practice and theoretical explanations to the board, where this is mandatory, regardless of the player. (Analysis of all mistakes / match.)

25) Methods to resolve the harmful aspects of privacy of players. (Drink nights … etc. .. scandal when players value .- -) (discrete methods without vanity player injury).
26) Original method, rapid weight loss weighting players, (no side effects, but powerful)
27) Modern methods for vitality, 24 hours before the game for players.

28) Long tiring Unsubscribe cantonments complex reasons which I will explain later.
29) One of the most modern methods is psychological counseling to players after Craioveanu special method. (Most modern method without adverse effects).
30) This method refers to removing the player from stress or panic, etc., especially when the player seriously wrong, in the first inning, as the break between innings, (in those 15 minutes), the player can be completely restored by own goal or passing bad example to the opponent, hitting a player in the penalty area, resulting in, sanction by the referee with the penalty shot, or shot at from 11 meters, etc.. (This method will be a world premiere)
31) Abandonment of pecuniary penalties to players who have the opposite effect, with major psychological implications.
32) Which is accurate The newest methods refer to the aggresive supporters, see Annex-1-!). 33) The most modern Craioveanu methods resolve the Situation When supporters Without playing a match.
34) Repair Damaged the front lawn from the front of the goal two days (normally) the day (Urgent).
35) The possibility of playing a soccer match in Any Weather Conditions, Including dense mist (with special equipment)